Why are we “Preferred”?

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An Established, Reputable Company

Preferred Personnel has been providing nanny and caregiver services to families Canada-wide since 1981. Visit our Testimonials page to read what parents and families have to say about our nannies and caregivers.

Responsive & Accessible

Preferred Personnel employs knowledgeable and experienced staff members, and maintains regular business hours in a bricks-and-mortar office. So, feel free to e-mail, to call, or to come in and talk to someone in person. If you require an appointment in the evening, just ask, and we can arrange conference calls for you with overseas nannies on the weekends.

Staff responds to e-mail seven days a week, and if you happen to be away from home, you can also use the convenient toll-free number. Reaching Preferred Personnel is never difficult, and you can rest assured that your calls and e-mails will always be responded to promptly. Contact Preferred Personnel today, and allow the professional staff to guide you through the process of finding the right nanny or eldercare provider for your family’s circumstances.


Through consultation with employers, and engaging in a screening process with nannies, Preferred Personnel determines which nannies or caregivers would be most suitable for-and are most interested in working for-a particular employer. The employer is provided with the profiles of those nannies, and he/she then decides which nannies or caregivers to interview, and decided which nanny or caregiver to employ. This is a highly successful process.

Preferred Personnel also takes care of the complicated and time-consuming paperwork that the government requires from employers of live-in caregivers. The staff at Preferred Personnel have expertise in the requirements of various government departments-Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Canada Revenue Agency, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Preferred Personnel assists with all aspects of employing a nanny, from providing clients with resource material and interview questions, to providing payroll account information, to assisting with re-contracting of nannies. Preferred Personnel also offers networking support to nannies themselves, and follows up with clients and nannies after placement, to ensure that the placement is working out for everyone.

Reasonable, Comparable Client Fees

Preferred Personnel charges fees that are comparable to, and often lower than other agencies.

Just as it’s unnecessary to pay excessively high fees for engaging a nanny or caregiver, it’s also a warning sign when a nanny/caregiver agency charges extremely low fees, because that likely indicates the agency offers minimal service and support, in order to keep costs down. Preferred Personnel prides itself on maintaining the right service-cost balance, thereby offering outstanding service and support, while at the same time keeping client costs reasonable.

Placement Guarantee

Preferred Personnel provides an unconditional one-year placement guarantee. If your nanny or caregiver leaves before fulfilling his or her one-year contract with you, Preferred Personnel will be responsible for supplying you with a replacement for the remainder of the one-year period.

No Fees Charged To Nannies & Caregivers

Preferred Personnel does not charge fees to local nannies and caregivers, and does not take a percentage of their salaries. This ensures that the best nannies and caregivers come to Preferred Personnel first, and this means that the nanny looking after your children, and the caregiver looking after your elderly loved one, is one of the best.

We are not a “Ghost Agency

Preferred Personnel works closely with both an Immigration Consultant and a Lawyer.  This ensures that we are compliant with Government Standards and allows us to best service our clients.

Choose Preferred Personnel of Canada Inc.Make the right choice for yourself, and for those you care about.