We believe that your home is the best place for you to be cared for and for children to be cared for! Our goal is your goal; to locate the most qualified individual from the largest pool of caregivers available.

Preferred Personnel of Canada Inc. specializes in providing professional and qualified Live-In Care to families across Canada in need of Childcare, Eldercare and/or special needs care.

Live-In/Live-Out Care

Our Live-In Overseas Caregivers are coming from countries all over the world and generally the processing time can take anywhere between 3-8 months. We are one of the only agencies in Canada that have a Live-In Local Pool. This means that we have immediate Live-In Caregivers available for local Edmontonians and Calgarians.

Our Local Pool is made up mainly of nannies who are presently working on the Live-In Caregiver program. They have been released by their previous employer and are currently seeking new employment. Our Local Pool also consists of a small variety of Live-Out Local Caregivers. Our Live-Out pool is made up of Canadian Citizens who have a passion for caring for Children, Elderly and/or Special needs persons. The wage for a local live-out is negotiable separately between the employer and the employee.

Foreign Workers

We also specialize in helping overseas workers seeking employment opportunities in Canada. If an employer is unable to find workers, we can help locate foreign employees and assist the employer with any necessary documentation for hiring.