Change jobs as a nanny

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Before you leave your present job

You must get these documents from your employer:

  • A record of any overtime hours you worked
  • S record of employment (ROE)

The ROE must include:

  • Your reason for leaving
  • Hours worked
  • Gross earnings
  • Any money paid or payable at the time you left your job

Only your employer can get and complete the ROE. Your employer is legally responsible to give you one. They can’t refuse to do so. If you have problems getting your ROE, contact your local Service Canada Centre and ask them to contact your employer.

Keep your ROE in a safe place. It is your work record and can be proof that you have worked the necessary time to apply for permanent resident status.

If you have a new live-in caregiver job offer

You must:

  • Sign a written contract with your new employer
  • Make sure your employer gets a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment
  • Get a new work permit.