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Since 1981, Preferred Nannies Edmonton has worked successfully with families across Canada and worldwide. We connect exceptional nannies and caregivers with families seeking quality care for their loved ones. Our services help families find overseas and local nannies in Edmonton, and across Canada.

What sets us apart from other nanny services in Edmonton is our ability to match the needs of families with a caregiver’s experience. Careful screening processes and client evaluations create matches that often grow into lifelong bonds of care. Every nanny in Edmonton or Canada that we place with a family is a highly qualified professional. We look for experience, personality, diligence, and drive in every professional we recommend. This ensures they meet and exceed the high standards set out at Preferred Nannies Edmonton.

At Preferred Personnel, we know the benefits of one-on-one care first-hand. You owe it to yourself to truly consider the advantages of a live-in or live-out nanny or caregiver. Your options in day-home or daycare situations can be very limited. You rely on others to schedule and program important elements of your loved one’s life. You are not in control of the many critical aspects of their day-to-day. A live-in or live-out nanny or caregiver works within the boundaries of your wishes and allows you to be as hands-on as you would like.

The benefits extend to your home and personal life, giving you more time to spend with the ones you love. Our Edmonton nannies and caregivers assist with light housekeeping, laundry, and meal prep. Can you imagine the extra time this will allow you to spend with your family? Not to mention, there’s peace of mind in knowing that someone is handling daunting daily tasks. Preferred Personnel sees this as the greatest benefit we offer to families: quality care for your children while you’re away at work and more quality time with your family when you’re home.

There is no “typical” placement at Preferred Personnel, because every family’s needs are different.

Do you live in a remote, rural setting, or are you an urbanite? Are you a single parent family, or a dual parent family? Preferred Personnel’s nannies are live-in or live-out. You can have a local Edmonton nanny, or an overseas nanny – the choice is yours! Contracts are typically established for a two-year period, but it’s not unusual for contracts to be extended for another one or two years. Our families love their nannies and want to keep them longer!

When you’re seeking a nanny agency in Edmonton, you’re looking for trust. We hold our professionals to the highest standards, so you know you can rest easy knowing your loved ones are being cared for safely, and we provide as much information as you need to put your mind at ease. Each caregiver has worked a minimum of 2 successful years as a nanny/caregiver in a family setting away from their own families and many have significantly more experience. Security clearances and Child Welfare Checks and Medicals checks are also performed. For your peace of mind, all overseas placements are guaranteed for a one-year period. Profiles of available nannies/caregivers will be made available to clients that are seriously considering our services. You will be part of the interviewing and hiring process at each step of the way!

Our clients also trust us to follow through. Preferred Personnel remains in close contact with you for the duration of your nanny or caregiver placement. Emails are dealt with daily and questions responded to in a timely manner. Mediation services are also made available if and when necessary. Last, but not least, we are a brick and mortar nanny agency in Edmonton, with physical locations and friendly staff.

At Preferred Nannies, we are proud of every placement we make. We know that situations that call for our services can be highly emotionally charged, and we pride ourselves on handling our business with the utmost integrity, confidentiality, and reliability.

Please reach out to us to learn more. We’d be thrilled to get to know you and your family, and find quality candidates for your next nanny!


Carl Wurfel & Heather Gomme, Directors

An Established, Reputable Nanny Agency in Edmonton

Preferred Personnel has been providing nanny and caregiver services to families Canada-wide since 1981. Visit our Testimonials page to read what parents and families have to say about our overseas and Edmonton nannies.

Responsive & Accessible

Preferred Personnel employs knowledgeable and experienced staff and maintains regular business hours. We are a well-known nanny agency in Edmonton, and are located in a brick-and-mortar office. Feel free to e-mail, call, or come in to speak with our representatives in person. If you require an appointment in the evening, just ask! We can also arrange conference calls for you with overseas nannies on the weekends.

Staff responds promptly to email during business hours. If you happen to be away from home, you can also use the convenient toll-free number. Reaching Preferred Personnel is never difficult, and you can rest assured that your calls and e-mails will always be responded to promptly. Contact Preferred Personnel today, and allow the professional staff to guide you through the process of finding the right Edmonton nanny or caregiver for your family.


Our services are not just about placements; they’re matches. We determine which nannies will be the best fit through a nanny screening process and client consultation. From these interviews, we can align the values and needs of prospective employees and employers. Once that initial selection process is complete, the employer is provided with the profiles of those nannies. He/she then decides which nannies or caregivers to interview, and ultimately, which nanny or caregiver to employ. This is a highly successful process that has worked thousands of times – it is truly tried and tested!

Preferred Personnel takes care of the complicated and time-consuming paperwork the government requires from employers of live-in nannies and caregivers. The staff at Preferred Personnel have expertise in the requirements of various government departments, including Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Canada Revenue Agency, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Preferred Personnel assists with all aspects of employing a nanny, from providing clients with resource material, to providing payroll account information, to assisting with re-contracting of nannies. Preferred Personnel also offers networking support to overseas and Edmonton nannies. We always follow up with clients and nannies after placement to ensure the engagement is working out for everyone.

Reasonable, Comparable Client Fees

Preferred Personnel charges fees that are comparable to, and often lower than other Edmonton nanny agencies.

Just as it’s unnecessary to pay excessively high fees for engaging a nanny or caregiver, it’s also a warning sign when a nanny agency in Edmonton or elsewhere charges extremely low fees. Often, this indicates the agency offers minimal service and support to keep costs down. Preferred Personnel prides itself on maintaining the right service-cost balance. We offer outstanding service and support, while keeping client costs affordable.

Placement Guarantee

Preferred Personnel provides an unconditional one-year placement guarantee, on all overseas placements. This means that if your nanny or caregiver leaves before fulfilling his or her one-year contract with you, Preferred Nannies Edmonton will be responsible for supplying you with an excellent replacement nanny.

No Fees Charged To Nannies & Caregivers

Preferred Personnel does not charge any recruitment fees to nannies and caregivers and does not take a percentages of their salaries. This ensures that the best caregivers and nannies in Edmonton and overseas come to Preferred Personnel first. In turn, it means the nanny looking after your children or the caregiver looking after your elderly loved one, is truly one of the best. In this business, we focus on relationships rather than sales, and that’s why we’re Preferred!

We are not a “Ghost Agency“

Preferred Personnel works closely with both an Immigration Consultant and a Lawyer. This ensures that we are compliant with stringent government standards and allows us to best service our clients.

When you choose Preferred Nannies in Edmonton, you’re making the right choice for yourself and for those you care about.

Get in touch with our experts and find out why we’re a trusted nanny agency in Edmonton.

Your trust in us as a legitimate nanny agency in Edmonton is guaranteed by law. On June 28th the Canadian Federal Government passed Bill C35. This drew a line in the sand between the two types of nanny agencies: ghost agencies and legitimate agencies.

A “Ghost Agency” is a non-licensed agency. Ghost agencies do not have anyone working for the organization that is qualified to sign documents as a Third Party Representative. The CIC and HRSDC stipulate that licensed agencies must have a lawyer or immigration consultant working with them.

We are not a ghost agency. Preferred Nannies is a licensed, legitimate nanny agency in Edmonton.

You may notice in our Preferred Team Profile that we are owned by an Immigration Consultant. Our Immigration Consultant is a current member of ICCRC as a Registered Immigration Consultant.

Preferred Nannies works with the ICCRC to comply with strict government standards. Not only are we compliant, but we value the laws and regulations governing our business because they help us to better serve our nannies and clients. Our business is built on trust, and our regulations help us secure that trust.

How Do I Determine if An Agency is Licensed?

There are many Non-Licensed Agencies on the internet. It’s important to always be cautious. Many agencies charge the workers enormous fees in cash, which can never be traced. Do not place your trust in an agency before doing your research.

Before working with any nanny agency in Edmonton or elsewhere, be sure to ask them these important questions:

  • Do you have a Business License?
  • Do you have Qualified Personnel to meet CIC and HRSDC standards?
  • Do you have a licensed Immigration consultant or lawyer working in the company?
  • Are you allowed to charge money for services without a third party professional? (No)
  • What type of guarantees do you offer your clients?
  • Does your company pay taxes?

Learn more about Edmonton nanny services on our FAQ page, or get in touch with us.

Toll Free Please Call: 1-800-899-8841

GTA Please Call: (437) 266-1976


Minimum Monthly Wage: In-home caregiver rates vary from city to city and province to province. Please call us to get an accurate quote for nanny or caregiver rates in your area.


If the nanny is to be employed outside of the city limits, the employer is responsible for transportation costs (one way) to the location of employment. If the nanny is hired from overseas, all transportation costs are the employer’s responsibility.


Health Care costs are the responsibility of the employer. “Preferred” Personnel will provide health care documentation for overseas nannies and caregivers.

While each province in Canada has a different fee structure, health care is currently free in Alberta.


Contracts for nanny services in Edmonton and anywhere in Canada are valid for a two year period (though they are renewable thereafter). The candidate must provide one week’s notice if he/she wishes to resign after 3 months of employment. The employer must provide the same if he/she is to “let go” of the candidate. If the placement has endured two years or more, then two week’s notice must be provided in either case.


The employer must adhere to all Provincial Labour Laws as well as Federal Government Program Regulations. Overseas candidates must have valid authorization to work in Canada. All required documentation will be completed by Preferred Personnel on behalf of the overseas candidate. Visit our FAQ page to view Labour Laws by Province.


A 12-month guarantee (which commences on the nannies or caregiver’s first day on the job) is in place. Should the nanny/caregiver leave the placement or assignment, Preferred Personnel will provide another overseas candidate.


  • Decades of Human Resource expertise
  • Many years experience in providing quality human resources
  • The most extensive caregiver database in and out of Canada
  • Unique provider of local nannies
  • Selection of none but the best in the way of nannies/caregivers
  • No fee, no obligation when conducting a suitable nanny search
  • Professional assessment of caregiver credentials
  • Help with all government requirements/documentation
  • Start-up kit for client
  • Post start-up follow-up and monitoring
  • Guaranteed one-year placement (applicable of overseas placements).


  • Great care for your children or patient
  • Light housekeeping duties
  • Full charge of all duties where appropriate and necessary
  • Planning meal menus
  • Preparing meals
  • Flexible working hours