What Makes Preferred Nannies Stand Out

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About Preferred Nannies

We are a live-in and live-out nanny and caregiver agency in Edmonton, Alberta. We match specialized caregivers with families having specific requirements for the care of their children, elderly, or loved ones with special needs. We’ve been doing this job for over forty years now, and we are proud of the work we do.

Over the years, we have introduced many changes to our caregiving programs to improve our services and accommodate new restrictions. As the government implements new rules, we react to them as needed by our clients. That way, the latter receives optimal care and doesn’t suffer.

We currently service clients mainly in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan, but we are also available to clients across Canada.

The Preferred Nannies Difference

What sets us apart from most caregiver agencies is that we’ve been around for nearly four decades, so we have the expertise and the understanding to deliver excellent care. Besides our knowledge of the industry and what our clients need, we also know different caregivers and their needs. Ensuring that both parties are happy has allowed us to excel in our business and become front runners in this industry.

Additionally, we have professionally dealt with all the government changes that have successfully taken place over the years. This is an important challenge that we faced because it made us the company that we are today. We have also maintained the highest level of understanding of client needs and caregiver requirements.

Our aspiration for the future is to continue leading the industry as we have over the last forty years. All of our clients are unique, each one has a different situation, and we customize our caregiving methods to serve them appropriately. As we understand what qualifies caregivers and nannies in this profession, we know exactly how to choose the best ones for our clients.

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