Top Two Things Caregivers Should Look For In An Immigration Consultant

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In unprecedented moves, Canada is welcoming caregivers from around the world with immigration programs that are very accessible and offer an open work permit. In fact, if you are a caregiver or a nanny, you have a very high chance of becoming a Canadian permanent resident within a few years. Owing to a massive demand for professional caregivers, more and more people are moving to Canada for a better quality of life. Although the Canadian immigration process may be relatively relaxed for nannies, it is still a complicated legal process, especially if you want to immigrate using a work visa.

Moving to another country naturally involves a tedious process of application and other legalities. To help make this process easier, you should hire the services of a reliable immigration consultant. Unfortunately, with the marketplace full of firms claiming to be the best, picking an immigration consultant who promises to help you cruise through the entire immigration procedure can be tricky. To help make the selection easier and filter through the options, here’s a list of the top two things to look for when hiring an immigration consultant.

1. Professionalism

Does everything look cheap? Cheap website? No office? No Staff? No Advertising? No Branding? 

Professional immigration consultants and their offices do all these things properly. It certainly doesn’t look like a professional business run from a basement suite. Furthermore, an immigration consultant registered with the ICCRC will ensure that your immigration application is in accordance with the set standards and rules. A professional immigration consultant will also stay on top of all the latest regulations and follow guidelines and timelines thoroughly.

2. Reviews and references

As with any profession, references are a testimonial to the quality of a professional’s work and their ethics and competence. Before hiring an immigration consultant, request to talk to their previous clients to assess their level of professionalism. By doing so, you may also discover any problems or issues they faced with the consultant in question. Going through the online reviews of the consultant will also help you gauge their credibility.

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