Hiring a Nanny Should be Easy

Preferred Personnel of Canada Inc. facilitates personalized childcare, elder or disabled care for families in Saskatoon and Regina as well as throughout Saskatchewan; as well as all over Canada. We have a large team of overseas caregivers who qualify for full time live-in nanny or caregiver positions in Saskatoon, Regina, and rural areas. We also provide local nannies for Saskatoon and Regina when more immediate care is needed. At Preferred Personnel our goal is to find the most suitable nanny/caregiver for each family. Our careful selection of nannies and knowledge of the process for nanny placements is what sets us apart from other companies. We believe that placing the right nanny or caregiver for a family’s needs ensures long term nanny care. In fact, it is our company policy to provide a nanny or caregiver for a minimum time frame of one year. In fact, most of the nannies who work in Saskatchewan provide several years of care to families because of our ongoing assistance to the nannies, caregivers and families. When placing nannies, it is imperative that nannies and caregivers understand the area they will be living in and our ability to understand the qualities Saskatoon and Regina and the rest of Saskatchewan has to offer so that we can explain it to our caregivers before they accept a position.

Visit us for a complimentary consultation; we will demonstrate why Preferred Personnel has professional established experience in the childcare nanny and elder or disabled caregiver practice.

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