Hiring a Nanny Should be Easy

Finding nannies in Toronto can be easy with the Help of Preferred Nannies, Some companies seem to think that overseas processing of caregivers for Toronto is not possible, this in not true and we can prove it by our track record of over 35 years of service. With the exception of a few months (in 2014) where process was slowed down by the conservative government, the process has continually worked exactly the same as it does today. (with more paperwork of course) but we take care of that as well.

Preferred Nannies has been working inside the Toronto area for several years, we have a consultant who lives in Ontario and handles calls for this area.

The current wage for an in Home Caregiver who lives in the home and works with children is 11.54 per hour. There is min required number of hours needed to fulfill a full time requirement in order to hire an In-home Caregiver.

Please call our office at 1800-899-8841 to inquire if you need more information about this program and how it can work for your family.

Please use the Toronto number (647) 248 7332 if you prefer.

We are experts in this field and our owner is an ICCRC immigration consultant so everything which needs to be handled is done so in house, in our office.