Become a Local Nanny in Edmonton

Preferred Nannies is seeking professional nannies and caregivers in Edmonton, Calgary, and across Canada. We help our nannies secure long-term relationships with families who need childcare, eldercare, or special needs caregivers.

Local nannies are in high demand, and Preferred Nannies is a highly-respected nanny agency in Edmonton. Connecting caregivers to families is what we do best.

It’s easy to apply to become a local nanny in Edmonton. If you live in or near Edmonton, follow the link to our application form. We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

Become an Overseas Nanny in Edmonton

Preferred Nannies is seeking nannies and caregivers from around the world to fill positions in Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada. If you’re an experienced nanny or caregiver living overseas, you can apply to relocate to Canada.

Our overseas nannies receive advanced help and support. You may be eligible for benefits such as paid transportation costs and help with your immigration applications and processes.

It’s easy to apply to become an overseas nanny in Edmonton, or anywhere in Canada. Follow the link to our application form to learn more.

Why Choose Preferred Nannies?

Preferred Nannies is a full-service nanny agency in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We are committed to helping create lasting and caring relationships between families and caregivers. We hire both local nannies and overseas nannies with a range of experience and training.

Working with Preferred Nannies means you’ll receive ongoing support, training, and benefits you won’t find elsewhere. The easy application process will help us determine where we can place you for the best possible match. You can learn more about how to become a nanny with Preferred Nannies by completing our application form. We’ll get in touch with you once we’ve received your application.

Become a nanny in Edmonton today with Preferred Nannies!