Nanny/Caregiver Contact Information

LCP (live-in Nanny program, if applicable)


Employee Information

Infant Care Experience

Toddler Care Experience

Preschool Care Experience

School Age Care Experience

Domestic Experience

Canadian Employment Experience

Canadian Employment Experience (2)

International Employment Experience (if applicable)

Personal Information

I hereby agree that I will:

  1. Supply factual, truthful, and complete required information to Preferred Personnel
  2. Provide references and contact information of current/past employers for employment authentication
  3. Be confidential about employers and families personal information
  4. Be available by phone or email to Preferred Personnel and potential employers. No contact results in no employment
  5. Be punctual for interviews with employers
  6. Be courteous and cancel an interview with potential employers with sufficient notice by directly contacting the employer by telephone
  7. Be in contact with Preferred within 24 hours of interview with an employer

Preferred Personnel will on your behalf at no cost:

  • Find an appropriate and good employer for you.
  • Prepare and consult on changes for your work permit in Canada.
  • Assist with any concerns, or questions regarding employment or immigration.
  • Provide ongoing support.
  • Assist in any labour disputes.