Ghost Agencies

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Your trust in us as a legitimate nanny agency in Edmonton is guaranteed by law. On June 28th the Canadian Federal Government passed Bill C35. This drew a line in the sand between the two types of nanny agencies: ghost agencies and legitimate agencies.

A “Ghost Agency” is a non-licensed agency. Ghost agencies do not have anyone working for the organization that is qualified to sign documents as a Third Party Representative. The CIC and HRSDC stipulate that licensed agencies must have a lawyer or immigration consultant working with them.

We are not a ghost agency. Preferred Nannies is a licensed, legitimate nanny agency in Edmonton.

You may notice in our Preferred Team Profile that we are owned by an Immigration Consultant. Our Immigration Consultant is a current member of ICCRC as a Registered Immigration Consultant.

Preferred Nannies works with the ICCRC to comply with strict government standards. Not only are we compliant, but we value the laws and regulations governing our business because they help us to better serve our nannies and clients. Our business is built on trust, and our regulations help us secure that trust.

How Do I Determine if An Agency is Licensed?

There are many Non-Licensed Agencies on the internet. It’s important to always be cautious. Many agencies charge the workers enormous fees in cash, which can never be traced. Do not place your trust in an agency before doing your research.

Before working with any nanny agency in Edmonton or elsewhere, be sure to ask them these important questions:

  • Do you have a Business License?
  • Do you have Qualified Personnel to meet CIC and HRSDC standards?
  • Do you have a licensed Immigration consultant or lawyer working in the company?
  • Are you allowed to charge money for services without a third party professional? (No)
  • What type of guarantees do you offer your clients?
  • Does your company pay taxes?