Costs for Edmonton Nanny Services

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Learn more about Edmonton nanny services on our FAQ page, or get in touch with us.

Toll Free Please Call: 1-800-899-8841

GTA Please Call: (437) 266-1976


Minimum Monthly Wage: In-home caregiver rates vary from city to city and province to province. Please call us to get an accurate quote for nanny or caregiver rates in your area.


If the nanny is to be employed outside of the city limits, the employer is responsible for transportation costs (one way) to the location of employment. If the nanny is hired from overseas, all transportation costs are the employer’s responsibility.


Health Care costs are the responsibility of the employer. “Preferred” Personnel will provide health care documentation for overseas nannies and caregivers.

While each province in Canada has a different fee structure, health care is currently free in Alberta.


Contracts for nanny services in Edmonton and anywhere in Canada are valid for a two year period (though they are renewable thereafter). The candidate must provide one week’s notice if he/she wishes to resign after 3 months of employment. The employer must provide the same if he/she is to “let go” of the candidate. If the placement has endured two years or more, then two week’s notice must be provided in either case.


The employer must adhere to all Provincial Labour Laws as well as Federal Government Program Regulations. Overseas candidates must have valid authorization to work in Canada. All required documentation will be completed by Preferred Personnel on behalf of the overseas candidate. Visit our FAQ page to view Labour Laws by Province.


A 12-month guarantee (which commences on the nannies or caregiver’s first day on the job) is in place. Should the nanny/caregiver leave the placement or assignment, Preferred Personnel will provide another overseas candidate.


  • Decades of Human Resource expertise
  • Many years experience in providing quality human resources
  • The most extensive caregiver database in and out of Canada
  • Unique provider of local nannies
  • Selection of none but the best in the way of nannies/caregivers
  • No fee, no obligation when conducting a suitable nanny search
  • Professional assessment of caregiver credentials
  • Help with all government requirements/documentation
  • Start-up kit for client
  • Post start-up follow-up and monitoring
  • Guaranteed one-year placement (applicable of overseas placements).


  • Great care for your children or patient
  • Light housekeeping duties
  • Full charge of all duties where appropriate and necessary
  • Planning meal menus
  • Preparing meals
  • Flexible working hours